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Grading:   Before Pic of Parking lot

After Pic of Parking lot

For new projects we provide base work, grading and fine grading with appropriate applications of compaction with A,B,C for a solid foundation and a perfectly finished product.    
Overlay Existing Surface:    
We overlay existing asphalt areas, making sure they are swept clean and a tack coat is applied to bond the new asphalt to the existing surface. All low areas will be leveled with asphalt prior to the installation of the new surface. The new surface mix asphalt will be installed at a specified depth, per the bid proposal, and compacted to achieve a smooth and uniform surface.    
This is the process of taking out a layer of existing asphalt or concrete into an aggregate, expediting removal and keeping cost to a minimum. This is done to a specified depth and allows the previous contour to be kept and restored to the original new condition.

Edge Milling is similar and consists of milling all edges of existing asphalt adjacent to a gutter pan, curb, or any structure for a smooth transition. This process can be facilitated if the existing asphalt has not deteriorated with much severity, thus saving substantial cost for sizable projects.

Seal Coating:
Arizona’s intense heat and sudden flash flood rain storms expand and contract our traffic surfaces like no where else in the nation. These factors with the combination of our 300 days of sunshine contribute to oxidation, causing weather erosion and further deterioration of the surface and sub-surface.

Seal Coating can prevent damage and save projects from the need of milling and re-surfacing saving thousands of dollars. Asphalt seal coats are factory blended compounds applied to improve the surface texture and provide a smooth, non-abrasive surface. Seal coat provides a uniformly colored watertight seal and is applied in two coats unless otherwise noted. A finished seal coat project can not be subjected to heavy traffic earlier than 12 to 24 hours after having been laid.

Seal coat Products we use include:  
  Seal Master, Sealer Co.
Quality Emulsion Co.
Vulcan Material Co.
Rinker Material Co.
Mesa Material Co.
Hanson Material Co.

Surface Striping:
Customers appreciate a well designed and well marked parking system. The parking lot is the first thing that customers or visitors see. A freshly painted parking lot can lend an attractive impression to the overall image of your project.

Pro Pave Inc. offers complete layout and line striping services using the best striping equipment available. Resurfaced areas are marked with appropriate parking spaces, traffic directional arrows, fire lanes, and handicapped signs as well as any number of specialty signs with quality paint or Thermoplastic striping.